Build your audience by giving away free copies.

Reward your fans by giving them free copies of your books

Let readers opt-in to your mailing list

Build a dedicated audience of readers

Basic Features:
 You control the giveaway.

As an author, you get to choose how many eBooks you give away, when the giveaway ends, and who gets the copies.

 Protected, secure files.

We use (optional) DRM protection to make sure your eBook file stays safe and only goes where you want it to.

 eBooks for every reader.

With Instafreebie, the reader chooses the right file type for their eReader, and we convert it for them when they claim it.

Plus Features:
(Including all the features of the Basic plan)
 Let readers opt-in to your list.

As the reader claims your book, give them the opportunity to opt-in to your mailing list. Get more value from your giveaways.

 Start building a relationship.

You can thank readers for claiming your book, give them exclusive content, and introduce them to your next project.

 Add your readers to MailChimp.

Connect Instafreebie to MailChimp, add readers directly once they opt-in to your list.

Pro Features:
(Including all the features of the Plus plan)
 Use your own logo and color scheme.

Let your readers feel at home by keeping the color scheme and logo the same as your website or blog.

 Maintain your branding.

Control the look and feel of your campaign, readers will receive a consistent experience while interacting with your giveaway.